Strong Women Empower Themselves and Others

This morning, I attended a public fitness class for the 4th time ever. I've always been reluctant to attend these classes out of fear or feeling embarrassed at my endurance or fitness level. After all, I was the kid with asthma sitting against the wall at recess.

A local MMA facility hosted a Muscles and Mimosa free event that I saw on facebook and they had me at mimosas. (I know-my tank says you had me at pumpkin spice. I can't turn down delicious things!) I've been taking a mental beating at work; being overlooked, minimized and undervalued as a woman on my team. Working out is the only time I truly feel strong and in control these days.

From the moment I hit the door, I was met with inviting, physically fit and strong women who greeted me with friendly smiles and warm greetings. There was a healthy sense of competition and camaraderie in the room. It was positively contagious! I'd be remiss if I didn't add how beautiful everyone was without makeup.

The boot cam…

To the women behind the Hall of Fame Induction

My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful weekend experience in Canton, Ohio for the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction. I had never traveled to Ohio before so it was fun to visit a new state. The cooler temperatures were a welcomed touch as well.

Seeing all the football legends, learning about the history of the game and simply being within an arm's reach of the greatest players to ever play the game was simply amazing. Whether you love football or not, a visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is inspiring and motivating. Themes like teamwork, endurance, perseverance and resilience ring throughout the walls.

I had watched the induction on television at least a handful of times and every year, I find myself getting teary eyed or crying at seeing these strong big men cry. What really stands out to me is that behind every man being honored is an amazing woman who has contributed to their growth and success. Whether it was a single mother who worked three jobs (Jason …

Corporate Mental Health Days are Life Savers

No, you're not crazy. Or weak. Or incompetent. Your job or managers just try to make you feel that way from time to time. What you are is tired, worn out or simply stressed. Work related stress can take a toll on your well being and wellness and can impact the important relationships in your life. Take the initiative and escape for a day.
I recently took a Wednesday off to regroup. Having suffered from migraines two days in a row, I owed it to myself to unplug and unwind and guess what? No Wednesday migraine! I was happy and healthy all day.
I encourage everyone to take a personal day from work and truly make it personal. Do something that you enjoy and UNPLUG from work. Day in and day out job stress is not healthy and has to be consciously managed. You aren't doing yourself any favors staying late and putting in overtime if your work isn't going to be applauded anyway. There is not a price tag on your overall well-being.
You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself and yo…

Why Option B is so important

It's not easy for me to admit this but sometimes I get way too comfortable. I let my guard down and settle for things because they feel comfortable......or I don't want to put in extra effort despite knowing I am worth and entitled to so much more.

Going back to work after being self employed for ten years was not an easy transition. Having experienced career highs and several prestigious accolades, breast cancer reared its ugly head and forced me to make a life change. Entering the workforce seemed like a good know that is what responsible adults with college degrees do, right?

Here is the Catch can secure a role in an organization, earn a decent paycheck and have stability but then you will hit a brick wall or a glass ceiling. If you are a woman, particularly a woman of color, you will speed up in hitting those objects.

Corporate women of color will be disrespected, undermined and subjected to conversations and behavior that have no place in the workp…

10 Years a Survivor

I recently reached my ten year milestone as a stage 3A triple-negative breast cancer survivor. When I think back to how the oncologist gave me "three years at best WITH treatment", I am beyond grateful to experience this moment.

Battling cancer has changed my outlook on life forever. While overall I know it made me a better person,it also revealed some painful truths about cancer and life in general. Everyone who battles cancer wants to win but sadly many will not. Survivor guilt is very real and is a heavy burden to bear. Attending a funeral of a fallen sister is one of the darkest moments in my life. I've attended far too many of them.

I'd like to think that all the suffering and sadness has not been in vain. I've reflected long and hard on what I have learned since 2007 and came up with a list of ten things breast cancer taught me in ten years. I hope it is useful to anyone battling the disease or finding themselves in a dark place.

1) You will and can get th…

The Park Bench-Inspiration from Strangers


Stretching outside of your comfort zone

I recently checked something off my bucket list. After battling aggressive breast cancer, I decided to list some things that I have always wanted to do or dreamed of and began the check off process. My list isn't that grand or expensive but rather a compilation of things that once paralyzed me with fear.

I've dabbled with yoga off and on for years. Many of the poses help my asthma by forcing me to focus on breathing and calming techniques. During radiation, yoga was helpful in managing the side effects of skin discomfort and scar tissue build up as well as regaining the limited mobility of my right arm.

Television and movies always made public yoga look so interesting but the thought of taking a class in public was intimidating to me. What if I fell over or couldn't do the poses as well as the person next to me? What if everyone else was limber and I was barely touching my ankles?

This past week, I was casually slipping through the Weekend Guide as I normally do and saw a…