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Honoring those who serve our county

This Memorial Day I am reflecting on my life as a military daughter, sister and wife. Now more than ever, it seems that people are really stopping to reflect and respect those brave men and women who serve this country we call home.
Sometimes, people get caught up in political affiliations and overlook that we are AMERICANS before we are democrats or republicans. If we would stop bickering long enough, we may even realize that the lines between the two are more narrow than we think.
Growing up in San Antonio and just a few miles from Lackland, Air Force Base, some of my fondest childhood memories include the 4th of July fireworks on base or going to the commissary on the weekends with my father. He would always let me pick out a bag of candy. If I was lucky, we would go over to the BX where I could usually get another small purchase like a cassette tape (yes, I am that old), a new pair of shoes or makeup. I loved being an Air Force daughter because I received quality medical care on b…