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Fruitvale Station-A Closer Look

With great hesitancy, I went with two friends to see the movie "Fruitvale Station." When I first saw the movie trailers, I had no clue as to what the film was about. After researching Oscar Grant's story, I drew parallels to the shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.
As people struggled to accept the verdict handed down in the Zimmerman trial, I quickly became outraged at attempts to minimize the Black experience by referring to past criminal cases of reverse crime (White victim/Black defendant) and posting stories on social media that did not make national news. For the life of me, I can not understand why my personal anger incites someone else to get defensive or attempt to minimize my emotions especially when they have not lived in this world in brown skin.
As I watched the opening scenes of Fruitvale Station, I was literally cringing. After seeing social media posts about Trayvon's less than stellar school performance and "thug" ways, I was almost emb…

Crowning Glory-Pageants Develop Tomorrow's Leaders

If you have never competed in a beauty pageant, you probably think they are dumb or full of fluff. If you have competed and lost, you probably feel that they are rigged and unfair. Having competed for several years in my youth in one of the most competitive and respected pageant systems (Miss Texas America and Miss Texas USA), I can honestly say that competing in pageants developed my confidence, self esteem, poise and social graces.

I competed in my first pageant at the ripe age of 14. Initially, I wanted to make new friends and showcase my talent and grace. I quickly discovered that there were girls who were more beautiful, richer and more taleted than me. Did this destroy my self esteem? No, it made me accept that I can only be the best me and I was my only competition in life.

Looking back, although at the time I was very angry, I didn't deserve to win any of the pageants I entered. I was ill-prepared and didn't have the proper coaching required to nail the competition sta…