Letting my hair and more than that down!

Well, today I crossed something off my modest bucket list. After decades of flipping through Victoria's Secret catalogues, I decided to do a boudoir photo shoot at the age of 42! Would I or could I ever look that good in a lingerie photo shoot?

Boy was I nervous when I walked into the studio and was greeted by colorful corsets and garters. I thought I was backstage at a burlesque show! To my benefit, all of the women staffers were friendly and made me feel very comfortable. As the shoot progressed, I realized that you are only as beautiful as you feel.

Letting my hair down symbolizes a big change in my way of life. While I will remain fiscally and fundamentally conservative, I will slowly embrace things that I once feared. After all, what do you REALLY have to lose by trying something new or doing something that would surprise most people?
Are you holding back simply out of fear of what others may think and does their opinion of you truly affect your life or well-being?

We spend too much time being boxed in by social restraints which attempt to define us by our appearance, our ethnicity, our social status, our age, etc. As you truly get in touch with your inner voice, you will discover that there is so much to you that the world has yet to see.

Be fearless! Be adventurous! Travel somewhere new. Try a new hairstyle. Battling cancer exposed the brutal truth that I am not immortal. I swear to live before I die and always keep a leg up on the completion. Today, I had two legs up. On a wall. Upside down.


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