Talk is Cheap

I'm noticing a disturbing trend in the need to be validated via social media. Adults who want to be perceived as successful desperately trying to validate their worth or successes through an electronic outlet.

People connect with you on social media for several reasons: to reconnect from childhood, to network, to get to know you better or through commonality. You can not build a solid relationship via social media, command respect via social media or determine your worth through social media so stop putting fruitless efforts into it.

At times, I am embarrassed for adults who constantly have to prove how "busy" or "professional" they are through a post or tweet when in reality if you are THAT busy and productive, you won't be on social media every hour.

Just be YOU. If you are successful, it manifests in your relationships, your reputation, lifestyle and works. If you are the only one promoting your success, chances are that you are the only one deeming yourself as such.


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