Not Home for the Holidays

Once you put aside the commercialism of the holidays, you may be surprised to learn that the holidays are very depressing for many people. So often, we get so caught up in the decorations and shopping that we actually forget to reach out to people in our network who are coping with grief and loss during this special time of year.

The holidays typically are a time of family gatherings and warm memories but for anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one, failed relationship or family estrangement, the holidays can be a harsh reminder of a void.

I've always felt that people take their functioning families for granted. I know that family members can get on our nerves and getting together at the holidays can be stressful in itself but if you have a safe place that you can call home, be thankful. If you know someone spending the holidays alone, welcome them into your home and surround them with love and support.

If you have a family that is nothing but drama and stress, give yourself the gift of peace this holiday season. Just because you were born into a family doesn't mean that you should be prone to a life of hurt and disappointment solely because you feel you have an obligation to spend time with them during the holidays. In fact, sometimes you have to protect your own family from harsh cruelties inflicted upon you in your childhood.

Holidays are rough. No way to sugar coat it. Focus on healing and wellness in your own spiritual life so that you can be in the best mental state to show love to those who want to be in your life and who flourish from being in your life. Treasure your precious memories with your loved ones who have gone on and protect yourself from any future bad memories with those still among us.


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