Strive to be Pro-Good Choice

I don't think ANY woman aspires to have an abortion. In fact, it must be one of the most heart wrenching and difficult decisions a woman will ever face. Men will never find themselves in this predicament so they really can't have an honest, first hand opinion into the matter.

I've been involved with Planned Parenthood since my teenage years. Planned Parenthood sponsored a teen television show in San Antonio and I was cast as a principal actor. Our skits talked about date rape, domestic violence, drug use, peer pressure and some other heavy topics looking back but the reality is that these topics were happening everyday and teens needed to talk about it. Hiding something under a rug doesn't make it go away. 

Women's bodies are simply amazing. With the ability to reproduce, we deserve to have complete autonomy over our own bodies and should be entrusted to make the BEST choice for OUR bodies at any given time in our lifetime. I don't have the right to make a decision for another woman based on my own moral or religious compass because I have not walked in that woman's shoes nor do I know her story or health history to judge.

Planned Parenthood has navigated so many friends and myself through our reproductive development. I know hundreds of women who personally got their first pap smear or birth control prescription at a clinic, received treatment for a medical problem, received a mammogram, received a vasectomy (YES!) and unfortunately, some have terminated pregnancies at a clinic but not every pregnancy was a viable one.

Teenage pregnancies were soaring in the U.S. at one time yet people would not allow Planned Parenthood into the communities or schools. People actually fought the addition of a clinic in their community yet no one is advocating for the neglected and unwanted child.

I stand behind planned parenthood because they want you to PLAN your pregnancy, They educate young women about pregnancy prevention and empower women to be in charge of who they love and how they love. Give people the knowledge and the resources to make GOOD CHOICES and you will not be disappointed.

At the end of the day, we can look within and question every choice we made. Did we eat the right foods? Did we say the right things? Did we have any negative thoughts? Our choices are truly ours and we will always be accountable for them. If you truly want to help women thrive, empower them starting with their own bodies.


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