Thinking Inside the Box with Influenster

I recently signed up on Influenster to flex my social media muscle and test some really cool products for free at the same time! To my pleasant surprise, I received a box of products that I could actually use and products that I will actually run out and buy.

Let me start off by saying that these opinions are my own and even though I received the items below to test, I would be honest if I did not like anything sent. Okay, now that is out the way, let's talk about the box!

The food items included Bear Naked granola, Nasoya Pasta Zero and Beanitos. Of the three, the beanitos chips were my favorite. Who would have ever thought that a black bean could be made into a tasty high fiber and gluten free snack chip available in several flavors and even cheese puffs? Say what now? I paired the chipotle BBQ with mango blueberry mint infused water and it was great!

The beauty products were fun and again, I was surprised that I could actually use them. The colors and products were perfectly suited for my skin complexion. I'm not one who ordinarily goes out of her way to sample the newest products so this was fun and outside of my norm. The Sally Hanson airbrush perfect legs cream comes right on time for summer! Let's face 43, my legs need a little help! The cream provides natural coverage for veins, bruises or imperfections that warrant our insecurities.

The Clairol Hair Food did an amazing job at removing the sweaty gym build up and product accumulation on my scalp and it smelled wonderful too. If you like a sudsy shampoo, you will definitely want to try it! It gave my hair a lot of bounce too. I'm also wearing the NYC 24 hour waterproof eye color pencil that came in the box in Brooklyn Mocha. It stayed on from 6 am to midnight without creasing!

And last but not least, the Australian Gold SPF 30 was much needed after getting sunburned at the Texas Rangers game. I used to be one of those naive people who thought brown skin doesn't burn. Ha! Epic fail.

So thanks Influenster for the awesome (hey that ryhmes) Blossom VoxBox! I didn't wake up like this so I appreciate the beauty and goodies in a box.

 "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."


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