Peering at brown people through rose colored glasses

I'm seeing a very disturbing trend. It's a trend where Black athletes, politicians, celebrities and performers are being held to a different standard than their peers. A very judgmental public is trying to create a dynamic to constantly attack and demean the most successful among us.

It started last week with the negative posts about Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance announcement. I'm like "Y'all did sit through that Katy Perry fiasco last year, right?" Other than not liking her music or style, I really can't think of any activity or behavior that she has demonstrated that would merit the negative social media comments before she's even performed. Do these same people post about EVERY musician that they don't care for? Why is it so easy and comfortable for some to attack a Black woman?

Throughout the NFL season, we see the media turn the spotlight on the on and off the field behavior of Black athletes yet when White athletes engage in the same antics, we barely hear a peep or see a headline about it. Michael Phelps appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing white on a white background with a redeeming headline about his drug recovery. Do Black athletes receive the same saving grace and magazine covers for overcoming addiction?

Most recently, I watched how easily it was for people to openly vocalize that Tariji P. Henson was "under the influence" accepting her Golden Globe award last night. Really? Were you pouring the drinks? Have you never seen an off the cuff acceptance speech before? Do you not watch "Empire" and see how much Tariji puts in the Cookie's character that perhaps a part of her IS Cookie?

See, here's the thing. I've silently sat back over the years and watched the first Black President face EXTREME scrutiny. His wife and daughters and every decision that he's made has been met with fierce social media scrutiny despite those actions behind demonstrated by every other U.S. President that has held this office.

If we continue to sit back and silently allow our community to be publicly criticized constantly, we are setting a precedence that we are still "less than." We must speak up and let people know that they are being offensive and illogical in their perceptions and criticisms of Blacks.

It's perfectly okay to set your own standards. Just be sure you take off your rose colored glasses before you present your point of view.


  1. I shared your sentiment reading an article where a USA Today sports writer called DeSean Jackson "lazy" b/c he couldn't score the touchdown. First, it was originally ruled a TD but overturned and spotted just shy. I thought using the term "lazy" was unfair to say the least. He went on to demonize Jackson as though he was the sole reason the Skins lost. I guess neither QB Kirk Cousins nor Coach Jay Gruden had anything to do with it.


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