9 Lives

I'm sitting here in a very somber mood. While many will celebrate the death sentence of Dylann Roof, I find myself mournful remembering the 9 church parishioners who were murdered in what should have been the safest place to be. People worshiping in a religious building should not pose a threat to someone that warrants intruding into their space and coldly executing them. Their crime: being born Black.

I want the world to know that I didn't see the outrage and outcry for these 9 victims like I do for one or even 3 victims in senseless killings. In fact, the murder of one police officer will flood my timeline with cries of swift justice but when these 9 were murdered, the outcries were in Black and White-literally.

I can't smile and pretend not to notice when black lives don't matter to my friends. 

Susie, Clementa, Sharonda, Cynthia, Depayne, Daniel, Ethel , Myra and Tywanza. You have never been forgotten. I choose to speak YOUR names and breathe  life into the beautiful legacies you created.

I've witnessed a lot of tragedies and heartache on my own life journey but few have rocked my inner core like your deaths. Senseless....thoughtless.....hateful.

9 beautiful lives so wrongfully ended. Outcries from most but not all. I see you. I always have and I always will.


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