Why Option B is so important

It's not easy for me to admit this but sometimes I get way too comfortable. I let my guard down and settle for things because they feel comfortable......or I don't want to put in extra effort despite knowing I am worth and entitled to so much more.

Going back to work after being self employed for ten years was not an easy transition. Having experienced career highs and several prestigious accolades, breast cancer reared its ugly head and forced me to make a life change. Entering the workforce seemed like a good idea....you know that is what responsible adults with college degrees do, right?

Here is the Catch 22.....you can secure a role in an organization, earn a decent paycheck and have stability but then you will hit a brick wall or a glass ceiling. If you are a woman, particularly a woman of color, you will speed up in hitting those objects.

Corporate women of color will be disrespected, undermined and subjected to conversations and behavior that have no place in the workplace yet despite all of that, we will remain silenced and professional; always seeking comfort in the stability and complacency. Never wanting to yield to stereotypical aggression.

Today, a package arrived for me. It was a perfectly timed surprise from one of the most dynamic women I have ever met. She took me under her wing and encouraged me to be strong, smart and bold in ALL things.

Now my mentor has sent me about a dozen books over the last 15 years but this book was different. Option B. Hmmm......have I been stuck on Option A for far too long? Why am I still battling to be respected and heard in Option A? What if there is an Option B just waiting for me to embrace it?

You see....life will always have options. We will initially always feel like we made the best decision but when truths are revealed, will be pretend that Option A is worth the fight and sorrow or will we mount up and take off with Option B?

Thank you Sofia for this wonderful book and the gift of "promise". Option B is already looking like a bright future.


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