To the women behind the Hall of Fame Induction

My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful weekend experience in Canton, Ohio for the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction. I had never traveled to Ohio before so it was fun to visit a new state. The cooler temperatures were a welcomed touch as well.

Seeing all the football legends, learning about the history of the game and simply being within an arm's reach of the greatest players to ever play the game was simply amazing. Whether you love football or not, a visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is inspiring and motivating. Themes like teamwork, endurance, perseverance and resilience ring throughout the walls.

I had watched the induction on television at least a handful of times and every year, I find myself getting teary eyed or crying at seeing these strong big men cry. What really stands out to me is that behind every man being honored is an amazing woman who has contributed to their growth and success. Whether it was a single mother who worked three jobs (Jason Taylor), a college sweetheart who holds the family together and supports big risks (Jerry Jones) or a patient wife who believes in you (Kurt Werner), these tales cannot be told without the contributions of women.

I hope to see the first woman inducted into the Hall of Fame someday. In my lifetime. As we left the induction ceremony, the speeches (though very long) really stayed on my heart and mind. You don't have to be in the NFL to be great. All of these men in the yellow jackets on stage have an amazing back story and none of that success came easy.

A Hall of Fame mindset is a commitment to excellence. It's about not accepting "NO" as the final answer in the pursuit of your dreams. It's about being that person who saw the talent in someone who didn't embrace it fully for themselves. It's about being a coach, mentor, role model or father figure to a child who desperately needs it and nurturing the raw human spirit and God given talent in the extraordinary athletes among us.

 I will always treasure that amazing once in a lifetime experience and was happy to see my husband check off a bucket list item. It was a relaxing getaway and we found time to enjoy a romantic dinner on the breathtaking grounds of Gervasi Vineyard. I highly recommend it as a must see if you are in the area.

Wine, football and motivational speeches. It doesn't take much to make this girl happy. Cheers!


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